Outdoor Gym Equipment – A gym in the fresh air!

The outdoor gym is a gym built outside in a public park, with the all-weather construction of its exercise machines somewhat modeled on playground equipment. There is no need for an instructor, equipment is safe and simple to use. Exercising in the fresh air stimulates emotional wellbeing and delivers essential oxygen and Vitamin D to the body. Users can incorporate our equipment into their regular workout e.g., park run. Doing workouts in an open environment with the outdoor gym equipment gradually increases the body’s immunity and makes the body more rough and tough to fight all diseases. Using the best equipment can help reduce any sort of cardiovascular risk by increasing the proper circulation of blood around the heart and lungs. Nagpal Engineering and Sports Good Supplier of Good Quality Outdoor Gym Equipment in India.

Types of Outdoor Gym Equipment’s

  • 1.Twister
  • 2. Arm Wheel
  • 3. Air Swing
  • 4. Cross Trainer
  • 5. Air Walker
  • 6. Chest Press
  • 7. Sky Walker
  • 8. Push up Bar
  • 9. Leg Press
  • 10. Push and Pull Up chair
  • 11. Rowing Machine
  • 12. Tai Chai wheel
Advantages of Outdoor Gyms
1. Getting Enough Sunshine
If you are exercising outdoors, one of the major benefits is that you get the advantages of being in sunlight. Additionally, there is fresh and natural air which can energize the mind and the body. With many people suffering from vitamin D deficiency, outdoor gyms give an opportunity for trainees to get the much-needed Vitamin D. Sunlight also helps in invigorating the muscles and aids in the oxidation of the tissues.
2. Outdoor Gyms are better for Mental Health
Endorphins which are happy hormones are released during exercise and that is the major reason people feel-good after a workout. As per studies, working out amidst nature has a greater impact on the endorphins and has a more positive effect on the mind and in a shorter span of time. So if you want to achieve a mental high in a quicker time working in outdoor gyms will give you the desired results.
3. Reduces Stress and also Lowers Blood Pressure
It is an established fact that staying outdoors and doing physical activity reduces blood pressure and also optimizes the heart rate. Compared to exercising indoors, outdoor exercises seem less strenuous due to the connection you have with nature. That means you work harder by pushing yourself and get maximum benefits. Additionally, training outdoors is uplifting and reduces negative emotions, and increases enthusiasm and optimism.
4. Reduces Insomnia
Exercise, whether it is indoors or outdoors helps in improving the quality of sleep. Outdoor gyms prove more beneficial in people with insomnia as they get fresh air and enough sunlight along with a good dose of physical activity. That will help in improving the quality of sleep and also helps to fall asleep quicker and get a longer snooze.
5. Help you Connect with Nature
Outdoor fitness can be done in an outdoor gym or an intensive training session can be done in a jogging park, hills, or other nature spots. When you do that you get connected with nature and gives you a good feeling. Additionally, when you have a park nearby to workout, it saves you a lot of travel time.
6. Freedom from Gym Rules
You may be going to a gym near my location but there are certain rules and etiquette that need to be followed. You will need fancy pants, shoes that are appropriate for the gym, stylish accessories, etc. Also, there is so much fancy gym equipment that is complicated and you feel silly when you are unable to use them properly. When using outside gym the classes will usually be bodyweight exercises with simple equipment which are beneficial. Also, there is no peer pressure or fight for equipment or space in outdoor gyms.
7. Better Performance
Working in an outdoor workout park proves more beneficial as it helps you give a better performance. When exercising outdoors, the body heats up, increases the heartbeat, and reduces blood pressure which in turn helps you to perform better. Also since you are in natural sunlight and heat, you sweat a lot and that helps you reach your goals faster. Additionally, it gives you a break from the routine and enhances your balance, mobility, and coordination. For better results ask your online personal trainer to show you some moves. So more bang for your buck!
8. Train together with Friends/Family
Look for an outdoor gym near me and invite your friends for a fun workout at an outdoor workout park. That way you can train as well as spend time together doing something fun. Also, an outside gym has equipment suited for people of all age groups so you can exercise with your little ones and have quality family time. It is also a great opportunity to socialize and meet new people while sweating it out.