Slide mean is to move down or across something in a smooth way. Playground slides are slides for children to play on in park or playgrounds. The child climbs up a ladder or some stairs, then sits down at the top and slides all the way down. Slides are made of Metal, Fiberglass and Plastic. They must have a smooth surface so that the child does not hurt himself.

Types of Slides

  • Plain Slide,
  • Wave Slide,
  • Double Slide,
  • Spiral slide,
  • Tube Slide,
  • Curve Slide,
  • Roller Slide,
  • Three lane Slide,
  • Wide Slide,
  • Elephants Slide,
  • Giraffe Slide,

Structural Considerations for Playground Slides
Slides should be well-anchored with firm handrails and have good traction on the steps. Position the slide to minimize sun exposure, either underneath shade or at an angle facing away from the sun. Slides placed in direct sunlight may become hot enough to cause serious contact burn injuries on children’s hands, legs, feet and buttocks.
Playground Slide Platforms
A platform should be located at the top of the slide so that children can transition from standing to a seated position. The platform should be horizontal, at least 19 inches long for toddlers and 14 inches long for preschool age or older children.
It should be at least as wide as the slide chute and surrounded by barriers that are designed to prevent the passage of a small child. A bar or hood is